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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  February 25, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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. we're going to have much more on the snow falling in a moment, but we're going to start with an update to the breaking news we've been falling all evening. good evening, i'm kelly swoope. a man sentenced to spend the rest of his life behind bars today walked out of baltimore's old super max facility. officials wrapped up a news conference. sheryl conner was there. sheryl, they want to get this man back into custody, obviously, but do they know how he was able to walk away? >> reporter: kelly, there is a time line the department of corrections is reviewing, but right now they don't know how taylor slipped through the cracks. he was brought here to the center this morning, this holding area for inmates awaiting trial or release. mistakes were made, and now a man convicted of three counts of attempted murder is on the loose. 26-year-old raymond taylor convicted of shooting his girlfriend and her two daughters in northeast baltimore back in 2004 walked out of prison today. he was serving three life
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sentences for attempted murder. the escape is still under investigation but the commissioner of the department of corrections says that at 11 this morning taylor was placed in a cell with inmate william johnson who was scheduled for release. that was the first mistake, according to the commissioner. at 11:45, taylor showed an officer an i.d. which made it seem like he was johnson. >> the inmate was asked to give his verbally i.d. number as this officer checked the numbers against the i.d. card. he recited numbers belonging to inmate johnson and the officer removed him from the cell and escorted him to the control center. >> reporter: shortly after two he was cleared for release after a third and final look at his i.d.. each check was done by a different d.o.c. employee. >> it was the other three checks from the cell block to the sally port to the street that didn't work out very well. >> reporter: baltimore police commissioner says he can't give many details on how his officers
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are trying to track down taylor. but it is a coordinated task with other agencies. >> we activated a warrant apprehension task force which has members assigned from the maryland state police, we have corrections officials assigned to that team, and we began the manhunt. >> reporter: officers were sent to the home of taylor's victims. and the commissioner says at this point he doesn't suspect a d.o.c. employee helped a plot via escape but he admits mistakes were made and an investigation is underway here tonight. if you want another look at taylor haye picture, we have it on our website, sheryl conner, abc2 news. a popular downtown nightclub is padlocked today after hundreds of people were forced outside and fights broke out last night. it happened on knight street. a concert inside the club was oversold and literally hundreds
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people were not allowed in. that's when police say club security sprayed the crowd with mace causing panic. no one was hurt and the club will remain closed until a hearing with the liquor board. we are still watching the skies tonight as that system that rolled through this morning brought us fresh snow. it's causing serious wind gusts as can you see from the live shot from sheryl. let's get the latest from wyatt with your first forecast. >> the high wind warning is up until 6 p.m. tomorrow and a winter weather advisory. let's break this down. show you the radar right now. maryland's most powerful radar, tracking a bit of snow. if you look at the direction of this movement, it is from north to south. that's where the heavier bands are coming in from right now, moving from northern baltimore county into the city itself. we have steady more snow up
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through northern harford county and cecil county where there is a winter storm warning, that's because this county is getting hit by just a bit more there, up in the northeast corner of the state. here it is for you, wind and winter warnings all across maryland. high winds, 40 to 60 miles an hour. pink shaded counties are the winter storm warnings and the green shaded are winter weather advisory. gusts up at 30 at top of the hour, gusting to 40 in york, and in baltimore. overnight tonight we keep the wind howling. a 1 to 2 inch general accumulation, less south of baltimore, and then 2 to 3 inches accumulation towards the pennsylvania line. we're all going to be getting pounded by the winds. we'll talk about when things get nicer around here and the storm gets out of here coming up. abc2 news is working for you tonight. we have a link to a number of the preparations that you can take on our website at
11:05 pm and also if your power goes out, don't just assume that b.g.e. knows about t give them a call, the number is 877-778-2222. well, in the meantime we have good news for parents tonight much the maryland senate has approved a ban on fee mail aids chemical used in bottles. the governor is expected to sign the bill. well, the push is on in annapolis to force drunk drivers to have ignition interlock systems installed in the cars. it seems to be gaining momentum this time around. >> reporter: it's called the maryland eliminate drunk driving act. advocates like m.a.d.d. feel they're making inroads this year. a high profile case from last
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year helps their cause. the ignition interlock device installed in the vehicle's dashboard, the driver blows into it. if it detects alcohol the car won't start. >> it's proven to save lives. >> reporter: judges in maryland can include interlocket devices as part of a drunk driver's sentence but the bill being discussed now would require any drunk driver who is convicted or given probation after being charged with dui to have the device installed. >> this is a life-saving measure. technology that we can embrace and dramatically reduce the incidence of drunk driving fatalities in the state. >> reporter: miriam frankl was killed in a hit and run crash outidentify of her apartment building. thomase meand has been charged.
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some people shouldn't be forced to have the interlock systemn installed. they would be charge add fee to maintain it, $100 a months. the critics are careful to say they are committed to stopping drunk driving. >> we believe the ignition interlock devices are a tool that can be used to help that. >> reporter: the bill supporters say studies have shown that a dunk driver's first conviction is almost never the first time they've gotten behind the wheel when they shouldn't have. >> time for us to crack down hard on drunk driving in the state and this is the way to do it. >> reporter: similar legislation died last year. this year the governor d says he will support the bill if it gets to his desk. prevent yourselves from
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becoming the target of a debt scam. >> talking to this individual and accomplishing nothing, nothing after the money was put on the credit card. >> now according to the mail and consumer rights coalition, some debt companies collect big fees up front and typically perform no real service. meanwhile, worse than expected unemployment worrying wall street today. jobless claims rose by 22,000 last week and more than 12% over the past two weeks. analysts had been predicting a drop. the debate over health care got up close and personal today. 22 democratic and republican lawmakers were the guest of president barack obama for a health care summit that was televised live. the president is still courting republican support for his health bill. today, sometimes he struggled to keep a civil tone.
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>> reporter: expectations for the health care summit couldn't have been much lower. >> it became a partisan battle and politics, i think, ended up trumping practical, common sense. >> reporter: and by most accounts those expectations were met. republicans stuck by their insistence that the current bill should be ripped up. >> reducing health care costs and start over and let's go step-by-step toward that goal. >> reporter: at times the president was clearly frustrated. >> you know, the challenge i have here, and this has happened periodically, is ever so often we have a good conversation trying to get on some specifics and then we go back to, you know, the standard talking points the democrats and republicans have had for the last year. >> reporter: the president was willing to talk about some republican ideas, like malpractice reform, allowing insurance companies to sell insurance policies across state
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lines. the two lines remain divided. >> the health insurance industry is the shark that swims just below the water. and you don't see that shark until you feel the teeth of that shark. >> reporter: and republicans arguing that more spending and more government is not the solution. >> frankly, i was discouraged by the outcome. >> reporter: at end of the summit the president said unless something can be worked out in the next month or so, then "i think we have to go ahead and make some decisions and that's what elections are for." . a follow-up now to an abc 2 investigation into whether tanning teens were being carded in howard county. last week they put the new tanning ban to the test seeing if salons would card someone before allowing them to go under the lights. the tan stand in columbia didn't card our hidden camera spy and after the story the owner let us know why. it turns out our intern was already in their system and he
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says her age had been verified at another location. up next, a deadly shootout leads to a barricade that continues even tonight. one police detective killed, an officer critically wounded. the latest, including what triggered the bloodshed. i have to say i was an addict. >> fur child texts you're going to want to see this story. how a texting addiction actually contributed to one girl's spiral out of control. we've been tracking this power house winter storm all evening long. baltimore right on the edge of this thing. right now, little bit of precipitation moving in from the north to the south. unusual. we'll talk about this coming up.
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. well, if 2 wasn't obvious already that bernie madoff disgraced his family, stephanie madoff has filed for a legal name change for both herself and her two kids. as for her had you beeny, mark madoff, he reportedly does not object to the change. authorities say a homicide detective is dead and a police officer is in critical condition after a shootout and barricade that continues at this hour in central california. this story tops our look at other news from around the nation. it happened today in a rural area near fresno. sheriff's officials say the detective and officer were shot by a man who then barricaded himself inside his mobile home and kept firing. authorities say the man opened fire as officers tried to serve search warrants. one witness reports hearing hundreds of shots. a third officer, a wounded deputy, is in stable condition. a tragedy in new york city
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today and a grim reminder of the dangers we could be facing during high winds. a tree branch came crashing down in central park killing a 56-year-old man. police in new york report a number of trees down around the metro area. and an expert perspective on the killer whale tragedy at seaworld. the trainer may have embraced her career but she should never have been put in that position, says an expert. >> it seemed that they were far more concerned with letting the show go on with a whale that they know was basically a loaded gun. >> seaworld orlando reopened today but the shamu show was closed. michael harris thinks it should stay that way. now you won't find any killer whales at national aquarium in baltimore but there are animals that pose some very real risks and many hidden safety procedures are put to the test every day.
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we take a look behind the scenes. >> reporter: if you're one of the 1.4 million people that visit the national aquarium each year you can come within arm's reach of deadly animals with little or no danger to yourself. but those who work with the animals can't afford to make mistakes. we try to prevent incidents from happening. >> reporter: they have 90 biologists who work with 1600 animals and several different species and each has its own means of protecting itself. >> we have had stingray stings, a number of things that's happened. anybody who works with animals know they've been bitten by their dog or scratched by their cat. >> reporter: behind the public exhibits for the most venomous animals you'll find a series of safety tools and panic buttons that sound an alarm and set emergency procedures in motion. if this adder strikes, time
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becomes your enemy. >> you have about 28 minutes to seek medical attention. >> reporter: they perform routine training drills, from those who monitor security to those who carry the antivenom. >> we get all our pads put together and we do it without telling the staff. >> reporter: there are procedures for feeding and doctoring the animals as well as precautions for cleaning their exhibits like requiring a monitor to watch as this diver performs her work, all in the name of safety. >> we know that every day we're taking a little bit of risk. >> reporter: at the nasal -- national aquarium. we only have a couple hundred folks without power tonight. >> when you get sustained winds over 40 over gusts up into the 50, that's where you begin to
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get wind damage, that's our main concern. we'll get an inch or two around baltimore of snow, so it could be a slick commute in the morning but the wind is properly our biggest concern here in maryland. up north, man, it's the snow and the wind. we did get out of some of this. take a look at what we're seeing right now. we're picking up snow falling across -- cecil county in particular. we may find a little bit of significant snow down into cecil county as the bands continue to wrap around. get up to a 3 or 4 inch accumulation in elkton area. probably an inch to two inch range down here in the city. a trip up i-95 is going to be a tough one if you have to make that. 30 at the airport. below freezing now. that is going to, that along with our frigid wind will allow the flakes that do fly to stick well. look at our wealther bug sites.
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lutherville gusting to 41, downtown 45. we have a 51 mile per hour wind at sparrow's point. these kind of winds which will continue all night and into the first half of the date tomorrow can cause some significant damage, definitely at times to watch out for limbs and just blowing debris if you have to head out overnight. 47 mile per hour wind at dulles. our winter weather watch for baltimore going through midday tomorrow. winter storm warning down through the eastern shore. all right, temperatures now below freezing. that will allow some of that blowing snow to stick tonight. it's going to be a slick one in the morning. roads will cool down below freezing and the snow we do get, again, it's going to stick much better tonight. last night it melted on contact. take you out to a wider view of the east coast. a power house storm reaching
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peak intensity tomorrow morning. and several bands of snow wrapping around this thing coming down into maryland. we don't get the bulk of it but we will get some. between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. tomorrow morning, several more bands work their way down out of the north. it backs its way into maryland before moving out friday. overnight tonight, 30 degrees, snow, windy, 1 to 2 inch accumulation in the city, higher toward harford and cecil county. 38 tomorrow, high winds. snow showers. those winds will be howling through the day. damage will be possible. 27 tomorrow night. cloudy, still gusty out but at least we'll lose the powerful winds over 50 miles per hour. saturday, sunday, looking decent, breezy day saturday, but temperatures back in the low 40s so whatever falls, again, more north of baltimore will probably melt off over the weekend. kelly. it's the type of addition
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that might seem harmless but left alone it can affect your child's grades and future. why teens need to take a texting time out. >> reporter: you might be shocked to hear that kelly sent 7,000 text messages in one months but she says that's average with many of her middle school friends zipping off 10,000 and texting back and fourth with 50 people a day isn't easy. >> i have to say i was an addict. >> reporter: if you want to keep up with the crowd, this 12-year-old says testing facebook are a must. >> that's -- texting and facebook are a must. >> it's the key thing to be non-invisible. >> reporter: she was a straight a student before her heavy messaging but with every text and hour on facebook her grades slipped, first bs and cs. she made grammatical errors.
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>> i was always on facebook on texting. >> reporter: kids like kelly spend on average 7 and a half hours a day texting or on social websites. it's not just grades that suffer. >> there are impacts. there are impacts on their health in terms of being sedentary when they're older and impacts on the amount of aggression and violence they're exposed to and that carrying over in their own personal habits and there are a lot of detrimental effects from overexposure to media. >> reporter: texting have taken the place of the long phone calls we used to have with our friend. screen time should be limited as well. >> parenting is about being the bad guy. it's not really being the bad guy because my experience is when people set limits and controls, in fact a lot of times the adolescents or especially the children are actually
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pleased because it's overtaking them in a way that is not good and at some level they understand that. to be the bad guy is really the being the good guy in this situation. >> reporter: the parents decided to take away her phone and facebook time. kelly started to focus on her school work again and even her family. >> my grades are, like, going, like, really fast to the as and bs. >> we've enjoyed getting to know our daughter again. >> reporter: once the grades are back up, she'll be able to text and spend some time on facebook again but only after her homework is done and before the lights go out. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> teens spend an average of 3,000 text messages a month. stay with us, we'll be right back.
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. this is stan the fan charles with the press box sports report. at comcast center the terps pulled off a big comeback win trailing by as much as 15 points in the first half the terps tighten their d and blew past clemmon 88-79. the wizards i will gas cuss is buying out his contract. he will sign with one of several interested nba clubs. the steelers have franchised kicker reed and hampton is got a three year contract. and sadly, 26-year-old extreme skier, c.r. johnson was killed
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at the site of the 19630 winter games, squaw valley. for more local sports click on 20 hours a day. . tomorrow on good morning maryland, strong winds and blowing snow are coming through the baltimore areas and that means cancellations and delays around our area. we'll have them on the air and on line. we'll have minute drive times for your morning commute and how
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warm temperatures are not far away. tomorrow on good morning maryland. with the verizon fios multi-room dvr,
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